“For every century in the life of the Church, there have been places of persecution. In many instances, the persecution has included terrible, physical violence and even martyrdom. Rather than the world evolving into a more and more mellow environment, the persecution has actually accelerated. In the twentieth century, more Christians were martyred than in the previous nineteen centuries put together! Hopes that the world would mature and come to a more civilized and gracious demeanor have certainly not been realized. Increasingly, as the realities of Christendom have faded into a memory, there have been a number of forces assaulting Christians: Secularism, Radical Islam, and Paganism.”

Much, much more here. Must read material!


Should We Pray for the Defeat of ISIS, or Their Conversion?


The answer to this question probably will surprise you. Worth noting and sharing and praying!

From the article: “We can pray for gospel rootedness in the Middle East, and we can pray to light up their world like the Fourth of July, at the same time.”


A Call for the Church to be the Church

This blog entry from the Reverend John P. Richardson’s web outpost, The Ugley Vicar, presents all Christians with the formidable and momentous call to mind the flank in the battle in which we must be active. That is, if we really are Christ’s Church!

A snip: “‘You cannot withdraw. Under any conditions. If you go, the line is flanked. If you go, they’ll go right up the hilltop and take us in the rear. You must defend this place to the last.’”

Five-star, recommended reading. And prayerfully acting upon!!!