Please forgive a “high churchman”

In view of  the come as you are/”contemporary” school of thought concerning Christian worship praxis, it may be of help to know that your blog curate has some past[1] (and occasionally current) experiences of its calm, cool, counter cultural envelope of faith, hope and love. The “contemporary” form/style/manner/mode of the service of praise, adoration, thanksgiving, and petition directed toward God through actions and attitudes[2]in this day and age demographically holds first place with traditional/liturgical forms coming in at an increasingly lower second place.

The winds of change appear to be blowing once again.

From Patheos blogger, Michael F. Bird, “Many hunger for something that is aesthetic in their worship, rather than just intellectual or emotional.” Please read the whole article here.

Now, for a tantalizing glimpse into the “high church” world, please take this jump.

Oh, and yes, I still have my organ shoes.













[1] Ralph Carmichael’s and Kurt Kaiser’s Natural High (1971) was the call to worship for me and several other young people in our church at the time.

[2] Donald. K. McKim, Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms, Westminster John Knox Press: Louisville, 1996, p. 307.