11 Years Ago Today – Thanking Our Father in Heaven for Yet Another Year

Originally published  in 2014, following is an edited version with new observations.

Am thankful that today marks another milestone for which God Himself only is due praise and glory. Here is the recap from a few years ago. Please make sure to visit the testimony link. 11 years!! It is overwhelming to recount the benefits this far down the road.

Now for a 2016 reflection on the continuing blessings of my 2005 cerebral hemorrhage.

1) The swiftly sudden onset of this terrifying illness continues to remind me of the boundless preciousness of life.

2) Even bad moments in life contain untold worth, and, gathered together in concerted contemplation, lead a person to realize how very truly present God always is in the lives of His children. All of life’s moments are of inestimable value.

We do very well to recall the truth of truths of the presence. Scripture references are plentiful, i.e. Psalm 16:11, 23: 5, 51:11, 90:8, 95:2, 105:4, 114:7, 139:7, Jeremiah 3:17, Jonah 1:10, Matthew 28:20, John 14:6,23, Hebrews 9:24, Revelation 7:17 among many more. Examine these, and you will be humbled and thankfulness will build in your heart and mind.

3) It is impossible for me to overemphasize the always quality/quantity of God’s presence. Turns out this is an expansion of the wonder of the above observation.

At the beginning, middle, and end of every day, the LORD is with his beloved children! AMEN!

4) The LORD’s presence is marked by the overwhelming awareness of a simultaneous, phenomenal manifestation of ἀγάπη and holiness paired and inseparably interwoven together. Two attributes that are in actuality one. All of a single piece.

5) Reality without God is an utterly ruinous, dark state of being.

6) Reality without the acknowledgement of God’s presence is a soul-destroying existence. Seek (in prayer and ἀγάπη) the welfare of your soul and that of others.

7) Reality with the active seeking of God’s face is of greatest preciousness. The pearl of great price.

Seeking, being loved by, and loving God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit is our greatest occupation. Loving (ἀγάπη) all others is the true and necessary consequence of our being loved by God.

Thanks be to the Holy and Loving God!

It is my fervent prayer that you be blessed throughout the whole of the year of our Lord 2016!


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