Conservative Naiveté and Politics…and Church ‘Polity’ and Our Christian Witness to Boot

These are difficult times. Understanding where we stand is a good step toward appropriately dealing with the reality of the times. We must not and cannot plant our heads in the sand. Too much rides on our being light and salt and the body of Christ for a deeply darkening world.

A snippet to whet your appetite – from Sarah Hey at Stand Firm in Faith:

“…The continued naive cluelessness from conservatives in our country and in various smaller organizations [like TEC] being eaten alive by revisionist parasite ideas continues to astound me. Most of us simply do not have discernment, and we continue to act “as if” something is not true that is true. That thing is well-described in this political theory article I’ve linked to over at RedState and from which the below is excerpted. Time after time after time, Our Allies act as if our opponents are one way, when in fact they are the other way entirely. You can’t act or think or write or discern effectively when you’ve completely and totally misunderstood the nature of your opponent or his future actions and responses. …

Hie thee hence for the remainder of this very timely word. P.S. – Read the comments as well.


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