In re: Matthew 5 and the Several Blessings

Beloved in our LORD Jesus Christ, for background to my little reflection, open your Bibles to Matthew 5: 1-12.

My reflection:

The LORD Himself, I believe, enlivens my awareness of being blessed even when I may not sense it during times of stasis, stress, sorrow, sickness, or separation. I submit that He uses every avenue of approach at His disposal to reassure us of His being the one and only source of all blessing. He may do this at the biblical/intellectual/theological level in bringing to our minds the truth of God’s blessings through His covenants and myriad promises. At other times, our no longer hardened hearts become aware of an inexplicable provision or miracle or the unmistakable, solid, really real presence of God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. At still other times, our LORD sends us messengers -some heavenly (angels), most walking around this earth with us (our Kingdom family members) – to be conveyors, ambassadors, sub-contractors of His blessings. There are times, I strongly believe, He uses all three at once. Mountaintop moments, we are prone to call them.

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Messiah, Be Blessed by the One Who Blesses!



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