Confession (good for relationships, too)

Am considering making a laminated card I can carry with me for first-time (and long-time) Michael encounterers.

Dear Wife, Daughter, Son, Cousin, Uncle, Aunt, Sister, Brother, Niece, Nephew, Friend, Friend-to-be,

This little communication is NOT an excuse for poor interactive behavior on the part of the bearer (Michael, Dad, Hubby, Mike, Mikey) and does NOT purport to convey any reasons whatsoever for same.

This little communication IS a proposed methodology for assisting the bearer in properly and level-headedly conveying his thoughts, feelings, suggestions, instructions, admonitions, preachings, dreams, occasional ire, wanderings, ramblings, visions…

{Here is the confession:} The primary issue of note is that the bearer possesses LFT (low frustration tolerance). He is decidedly not particularly adept at recognizing the triggers.  In interactive communication (particularly) the rather arbitrary triggers are:

a) long day

b) knowing he is in the right, even when it is not the case

c) not recognizing the need for subtlety in communication

d) the perception that he is being “cut off” or not heard

e) and others (too numerous to list all)

The methodology is tripartite:

1) Recognition of signs (rising tone of voice; intensification of voice volume (look out); furrowed brows; [rare, but it happens] verbal personal affronts)

2) Point out to bearer that he’s reacting badly to triggers

3) Strongly suggest sitting down to chocolate chips cookies and a glass of milk

The bearer conveys to all his heartfelt thanks for help in this important area! You ALL are deeply loved!!!




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