Georg Frideric Handel was an absolutely brilliant composer.  Please listen to this from Messiah.  As the chorus sings, you’ll note the phrase “All we like sheep have gone astray”.  The following  phrase is “Everyone to his own way”.  The music itself vividly paints the straying ways of the LORD’s sheep (that’s us, folks).

Notice the chorus begins with the word, all. Not a single one of us human beings is exempt from being properly put in the category of wayward sheep.  To put it quite bluntly, we ALL sin. For further confirmation, see Romans 3:23 and include it along with Handel’s selection of the Isaiah 53 passage for the choral music you just heard.

ALL have strayed. ALL have sinned. To stray is to willfully take an opposing path. To sin is to do and say or not do and not say that which willfully separates us from God’s intentions for us and separates us from one another.  ALL, no exceptions of any kind. No individual in any societal stratum or demographic is exempt from the guilty mark of the strayer/sinner. Our individual AND corporate iniquity has been laid upon Jesus Messiah. Listen again to this chorus of Handel’s beginning at the 2:39 mark.

Quite interesting is the fact that the Isaiah passage of the subject chorus begins and ends with the word, all.  Do you think the LORD might be telling those of us who are prone to blame others for every sort and manner of things that we are in the wrong, too?  Our finger-pointing needs to be one-eighty’d. Clean your own house if you’re going to point out the dirt in someone else’s.

During this beginning day of the Paschal Triduum, we all would do well to reflect deeply upon what has been performed, suffered, endured, and accomplished for us ALL.  Ought to bring a tear to your eye and a bit of tension up into your shoulders.


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