Renewed Thankfulness – a Healing Anniversary

Seven years ago to the day, I suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, then was in neurologic ICU for a week and rehab for about a month.  For that first week, my left side was paralyzed.

The LORD definitely and distinctly had His hand in my healing all the way through.  Here is a testimony (given at All Saints Episcopal Church in Winter Park, FL) of the unlimited  and tangible reality of His presence I gave twelve days after my release from the hospital.  Please give it a listen and share with friends, family, and others.

Now, seven years later, I reflect upon this with renewed thankfulness that I was the recipient of such overflowing grace.  To be sure, I’m still receiving it even this long after the event.  In my experience the miracle of healing leaves a permanent imprint of the presence of the LORD –  a gift of indescribable value.

Yes, God is realer than real!!!

I offer Him my rather ordinary reverence and praise for His love and care for His often wayward children!!!



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