The Priest’s Three Duties

Many of you know that – solely by the unmerited grace of God – I am an ordained priest in the Anglican Mission in the Americas.

To give my readers an idea of the office and responsibilities of priests, may I present an excerpt of The Priest’s Three Duties, a 2010 article authored by Benedict XVI in L’Osservatore Romano Weekly Edition in English. (Please note an ulterior motive of your friendly blog host; this serves as another reminder of the gravity of a priest’s purpose.  We need preaching to, too!!!)

 …there are numerous contrasting philosophies that come into being and disappear, creating confusion about the fundamental decisions on how to live; because collectively we no longer know from what and for what we have been made and where we are going.

In this context the words of the Lord  who took pity on the throng because the people were like sheep without a shepherd  came true (cf. Mk 6:34). The Lord had noticed this when he saw the thousands of people following him in the desert because, in the diversity of the currents of that time, they no longer knew what the true meaning of Scripture was, what God was saying.

The Lord, moved by compassion, interpreted God’s word, he himself is the Word of God, and thus provided an orientation. This is the function in persona Christi of the priest: making present, in the confusion and bewilderment of our times, the light of God’s Word, the light that is Christ himself in this our world.

Read it all here.  Well worth the effort!


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