Rob Bell Interview (Who Do We Follow Anyhow?) – UPDATED

Having read through Bell’s recent statements that turn on God’s omnipotence, His being all loving, and the doctrine of hell, I now have great concerns that Bell may be walking the universalism path.  This video interview confirms my apprehension.

Being hip, glib, in vogue, crowd pleasing and trendy is not enough, AND is not an indicator of truth. Once again a popular person confirms that we must ONLY follow Christ.  Period.

Lest you think that following only Christ is easythink again! Hasn’t Mr. Bell heard that the Christian walk is not easy believism?  Any time you hear Jesus Christ being reduced into a formulaic, appealing, popular sage and teacher, you’re hearing someone taming the lion.  Aslan is NOT a tame lion. No, but he is good.  He IS LORD and Savior.

Don’t take my word for this, take God’s Word – written and Incarnate.

Kevin DeYoung on the Love Wins Rob Bell Controversy

Update:  Al Mohler Checks in on this Controversy

Even More Mohler

One More Mohler

Martin Bashir Interviews Rob Bell

The McLaren Moment



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