Real Anglican Theology

Mark Thompson is Senior Lecturer in Theology at Moore College, Sydney, Australia.  His blog, Theological Theology, provides a treasure trove of articles theological.

His most recent sets forth a way forward for the reformation of global Anglicanism.

Here’s an apt and challenging snippet:

“A longstanding temptation facing the churches has been a longing for acceptance, a sense of respectability, and an acknowledgement by those with power or influence that they have a legitimate place in contemporary society. Such a temptation has often led to an accommodation to elements of the contemporary secular agenda. In all of this the words of Jesus are easily forgotten: ‘… because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you’ (John 15:19; 17:14). The church will always be a despised minority in a world arraigned against God. Nevertheless, despite such opposition, even the power of death will not prevail against the church that Christ is building (Mtt. 16:18). Though we ought not to seek the animosity of the world, or indeed provoke it by our own arrogance or folly, we need to remember that vindication and legitimization will only come on the day we are invited to ‘enter the joy of our master’ (Mtt. 25:21, 23).”


“…Global Anglicanism might as well be abandoned if it continues to refuse to be reformed according to the teaching of Scripture. The insipid, compromised inclusivism of so much of the Communion has no future anyway. It already stands under the judgment of God.”

Very, very highly recommended reading.

Grace & Peace!

Michael +


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