My Experience in Praying with Fire

Over 5 years ago in the middle of my second year in seminary, I suffered a cerebral hemorrhage.  This illness left its mark in several significant ways.  The audio file, My Experience in Praying with Fire, is a brief account of the reality of God’s presence in the lives of those He calls his children.  Please give it a listen.  Thank you!

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine…


3 thoughts on “My Experience in Praying with Fire

  1. Thanks for your powerful testimony, brother Michael! Indeed, “God is realer than real.” And “Wherever…whenever…we are, He is there!” Thanks be to God! Thanks, also, for reminding me that “Big Dad’s love is HUGE!” So is yours. 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I am a Christian who is struggling with doubt and fears. Your testimony has touched me deeply. Thanks again.

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