Yet I Am Free

From my dear brother in Christ, Steve Williams, comes the following.  I sense that this wonderful woman MUST have had a tremendously good prayer life:

Yet I Am Free

The poem below was written by Virginia Frack who died in 2005 shortly after evacuating from New Orleans with her husband and family.  Written in the experience of several debilitating, chronic illnesses that confined her mostly to bed, her poem speaks to the resiliency of the human spirit in times of physical and emotional pain.

Pain, weakness, tiredness rule my days,

Yet I am free.

Fear, loss, regret try to rule my mind,

Yet I am happy.

I have worked,

Given of myself to others,

Taken little time for myself.

Now I am free.

My freedom is limited by my body,

But my soul soars.

I have time for my love,

Time to gently plan,

Time to enjoy the best of my life,

Time that is bittersweet for its limitations,

But time that is unbearably happy,

And often unbearably sad.

I want to run, skip, fly,

Yet I hobble, sit, lie down.

But not in my soul.


By the way, how is your soul faring?  Be blessed, my brothers and sisters in Christ, and remember to PRAY!!!

In Christ’s love,

The Praying Revolutionary


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